Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few Frequently Asked Questions for both Workers and Contractors. If you don't see a question, please call us at 716.447.9988 or 702.388.9988 or drop us a line at and we'll answer it as quickly as we can.


Why should I sign up with Active Workforce?
  • Many clients only go through staffing agencies
  • You can receive full-time benefits from contractors
  • No cost to job applicant
  • We do all the leg work
  • No cost to job applicant
  • We staff all year long
How do I get a job with Active Workforce?
Do you offer safety training?

Yes. We offer a safety training orientation and OSHA-10 course at no cost to the employee.

Do you provide safety equipment to employees?

Yes. We will reimburse you for your first hard hat, but you are expected to own or have all other appropriate safety equipment. This would include boots, gloves, glasses, tools and other equipment necessary to adequately perform your job.

Do your contractors hire full-time?

Yes. After 14 weeks of continual work on a job site, you will have the opportunity to be hired full-time.

How much experience do I need to start working with Active Workforce?

Our employees have at least 1 year of experience while some have 10 or more years of experience within their profession. We do work with interns in college of technical schools. Please contact us for more information.


What is your process for hiring an employee?

At Active Workforce, we fully test and screen each employee to take the pressure off of you. We screen each employee with

  • Background check
  • Verification of certifications and licenses
  • Skill level testing
  • Drug testing (if required by client)
Do you have the ability to work heavy machinery?

We can employ operators for dozers, pavers, forklifts and front-end loaders. We do not place crane operators.

Do you offer safety training?

We offer OSHA-10 training along with a comprehensive safety training orientation prior to assignment.

There's been an accident and injury. What should I do?

Contact us immediately! We'll take care of the rest.

What associations or groups are you affiliated with?
What is the range of operation?

We can staff out to 150 miles in both Buffalo and Las Vegas. We do not service Canada or Mexico.

Is Active Workforce compliant to work with the US government?

Yes. We are fully compliant to work with all government agencies and their affiliates.

Do you staff engineers or interior designers?

No, we staff many levels of skilled labor that is construction or building related, but we do not staff architects, engineers or interior designers.