We value our relationships and strive to provide exceptional

service for all our clients through quality, performance and availability. Our resource managers will develop strong, long term partnerships that will afford you flexibility and help you concentrate on other business-critical decisions. We will design a project labor solution that fits your budget and requirements. AWI will help you minimize administrative and labor costs and risk, allowing your business to grow.

We take the time required to hire tradespeople that are experienced and licensed. By extensively interviewing and testing each one, Active Workforce ensures our candidates will have the skills, abilities and desire to complete the tasks on your project.

Competitive Advantage:

Reduce labor costs and workers comp risks

Employing a temporary workforce in an uncertain and unstable economy is a smart business choice. Hiring and paying a full-time laborer can be expensive with many unknown costs involved. You can employ our workers for any time period, keeping your overall costs manageable and your budget in check.

Save Time

Advertising, interviewing and training tradespeople take time and money. Spend both more wisely on other business-critical items.

Flexibility to bid on new projects

Bid with confidence knowing you have an experienced team of skilled workers at your fingertips.

Eliminate administrative duties

Payroll taxes, unemployment fees, workers' compensation and disability insurance are just a few of the administrative aspect Active Workforce will handle for you. Save your money for that trip you're planning, not the accountant.

Safety Measures

Active Workforce thoroughly understands the need for job site safety and effective, efficient management of any work-related injury. We are committed to limiting the frequency and severity of all injuries through training and education.


Active Workforce offers our employees an OSHA-10 course and provides a safety orientation before assigned.

Injury Management

Our staff will handle all administrative duties when focusing on the immediate needs of an injured employee. We require prompt reporting and will quickly and thoroughly provide assistance throughout the entire event.

Why Choose Active Workforce?


24/7/365. Yep, our office maintains contact with you all day, every day, including holidays. So call us, you can be sure we'll answer.


We've been operating since 2001 and have been involved within the construction industry since 1998.


Our extensive database of skilled workers allows us to find the right fit for your job. Experienced and eager, our craftspeople are dedicated, reliable and show up ready to work.

In the event you require a specific skill or a group of workers not within our reach, Active Workforce will pay all advertising costs required to find the right employee for you.

Temp to Perm Opportunities:

Active Workforce understands your need for flexibility. Whether you need a quick, one day forklift operator or a team of electricians that will form the backbone of your company, Active Workforce, Inc. can staff you. Ask us about our no conversion fee for our temporary to permanent hire program.

A few frequently asked questions:

What is your process for hiring an employee?

At Active Workforce, we fully test and screen each employee to take the pressure off of you. We screen each employee with

  • Background check
  • Verification of certifications and licenses
  • Skill level testing
  • Drug testing (if required by client)
Do you have the ability to work heavy machinery?

We can employ operators for dozers, pavers, forklifts and front-end loaders. We do not place crane operators.

Do you offer safety training?

We offer OSHA-10 training along with a comprehensive safety training orientation prior to assignment.

There's been an accident and injury. What should I do?

Contact us immediately! We'll take care of the rest.

What associations or groups are you affiliated with?
What is the range of operation?

We can staff out to 150 miles in both Buffalo and Las Vegas. We do not service Canada or Mexico.

Is Active Workforce compliant to work with the US government?

Yes. We are fully compliant to work with all government agencies and their affiliates.

Do you staff engineers or interior designers?

No, we staff many levels of skilled labor that is construction or building related, but we do not staff architects, engineers or interior designers.